Wally and Big Dog Wow Tiny Home Festival

Wally Walls and Big Dog Tiny Homes teamed up at the nation’s largest Tiny Home Festival in Elkton FL. Elizabeth Singleton, President of Big Dog Tiny Homes, was the Festival’s Keynote Speaker. Wally showed off by erecting a 276 sq. ft. tiny home in just under 4 hours!

The Festival brought a mix of tiny home dwellers, manufacturers, potential buyers and real estate developers. The message was clear: this is no fad! The dwellers loved their lifestyle, the manufacturers produced wonderful tiny homes, the potential buyers were excited to shed big home upkeep and expenses, and the real estate developers were trying to figure how to get their local municipalities to allow them to build pocket neighborhoods.

There was also plenty of good food and music at the festival, as well as this little guy who kept paying us a visit - But of course he did: Where else would a little big dog named “Little Big Man” hang out except with Wally and Big Dog Tiny Homes!

Better. Better. Better.

John Nunan