The Ultraframe® Building System is as easy as 1-2-3 regardless of the laborer's skill level. The system is delivered to the site numbered from the factory so that installation flows quickly. The lightweight, but structurally strong system, does not require heavy lifting cranes. One Ultraframe Panel weighs less than 75 lbs. Field modifications are easily made without specialized tools.

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"Great product!  Hard to find a prefabbed wall with R-31 rating coupled with construction savings!"

Laszlo Simovic - Laszlo Simovic, Architects, LLC


" The best pre-fabricated light gauge insulated wall system on the market. Easy installation, Great R-value, adaptable for many different types of construction and, most of all, cost-effective."

Todd Altounian - Altounian Builders Inc.


"We decided to use Wally Walls for our "Build US H.O.P.E" homes for homeless Veterans because of their ease of construction.  With a little help from Wally and a few trained carpenters, our unskilled labor team was able to build the homes quickly helping us meet our goals.  Also, because they are energy efficient, once occupied, our Veterans will benefit from having the lowest utility bills in Phoenix."

Elizabeth Singleton - Build us H.O.P.E


The UltraFrame Building System is pre-engineered and manufactured in the factory to exacting standards, delivering a complete structural insulated panel ready for installation.  UltraFrame takes the place of traditional stick framing construction, providing structure and insulation in just one step.


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