Whether you’re adding two floors to an existing structure or building a brand new mid-rise, OR BOTH CONCURRENTLY, Wally Walls is a perfect fit! Utilizing conventional framing techniques and delivering the walls pre-insulated, Wally Walls delivers the most energy efficient, strong, and easy to assemble modular wall on the market today.

Besides just providing a superior wall assembly, Wally Walls’ Engineering Team integrates with your Engineer of Record and Architect to provide the most efficient shop drawings for cold form steel erection. Better means not only manufacturing walls, it means getting into the trenches and solving problems up-front to help insure a seamless build.

By adding Wally Walls to your team, you strengthen every aspect of the process, starting with a BIM Model of your Project, which in turn allows your MEP’s to better integrate their work. In addition, engineering a Better Building not only saves time in the field, it saves money as utilization of our energy efficient walls reduces the need for increased HVAC and electrical loads. Also, cold form steel framing reduces the weight of the building, which often times saves costs by reducing loads at the foundation and transfer beams. Build Better. BUILD WITH WALLY!

Better. Better. Better.

John Nunan