Wally Is Your Design Assist Partner

Wally Walls does more than just manufacture walls and deliver them to your site.  Wally’s Team of light gauge engineers are available to ensure that each structure not only meets structural codes, but that the building’s design achieves maximum constructability, with particular emphasis on value engineering and connection details that allows carpenters to reduce ladder time and install more square feet of wall and decking each day.

Multi-Story - Cold formed steel has been approved for up to eight story construction unsupported by concrete or structural steel. Complimented with structural GPS, the encased studs have little to no opportunity to deform under normal stress, providing a greater safety factor. To support extreme shear loads, the UltraFrame Panel can be externally X-Braced with engineered strapping sized to necessary gauges and widths.

Strength-to-Weight Ratio- UltraFrame is one of the strongest building systems in the global market. Weighing less than 1/3 the weight of conventional lumber construction, a four foot by eight foot 18 ga. panel with studs at 16" on center weighs approximately 70 lbs. and can support an ultimate axial load of over 36,000 lbs.

Fire - Insulation in the UltraFrame Panel does not contribute to the weakening of the walls structural integrity during a fire. Furthermore, during fires, the treated GPS has a health safety 2.5 times that of white pine.  The UL fire testing performed on the StudRite Stud showed the best fire resistant results over any other prior tested metal stud. 

Resistance - UltraFrame is inorganic and therefore provides no food value for termites, wood ants, and other insects. Another benefit to the inorganic nature of UltraFrame is that it does not support mold growth or the transference of mold.

Water Damage - Long-term resistance to water damage, mold, and rot will protect your structure for generations. This makes UltraFrame one of the best building systems in the world for flood resistant construction. If a flood occurs, remove the interior veneer to flood level, let the wall system dry for 24 hours, then re-veneer the wall.

Hurricanes - Steel is recognized as one of the best building components to resist the devastating impacts of hurricane force winds and debris damage. UltraFrame can resist wind loads over 150 m.p.h. When flying debris strikes UltraFrame cladded with sheet steel, the steel stops the debris while the GPS acts as a shock resistant product causing the debris to bounce off of the UltraFrame wall.

Seismic - Structural GPS in its formed state is a terrific shock absorbing product. Racking load test performed on GPS building products have proven to resist the damaging impacts of the highest Zone 4 seismic activities. The system memory of structural GPS can return a building after seismic exposure to 99% of original position.


Wally Walls has chosen MarinoWare's StudRite® Stud to integrate into the UltraFrame Building System because it achieves maximum structural performance due to its lip reinforced repetitive triangular cutouts and embossments. These embossments and cutouts not only increase the structural performance of the wall but also greatly reduce thermal and sound transfer through the wall since a large percentage of the steel has been removed.  


Graphite Polystyrene (GPS) is a closed-cell, lightweight, rigid plastic foam. The modified grade of GPS that Wally Walls selected contains a fire retardant to decrease the potential of fire spread from a small flame source. The grade of bead has been designed to meet domestic and international building codes. GPS will not warp, twist, rot, delaminate, or break down. The very nature of polystyrene as a thermoplastic allows it to be continuously melted and reformed making GPS a highly recyclable product. GPS contains no food value for termites, ants, or other insects. Mold is also not attracted to GPS.