Building Better

Wally Walls’ UltraFrame replaces stick frame construction with a lightweight modular structural insulated wall that is conventionally framed, allowing architects and engineers to design without the limitations of proprietary engineered structures.



Stud Framing

Our engineers experimented with various forms of metal stud framing and consulted globally with engineering and manufacturing firms to determine the best approach for creating a structural system that limited thermal bridging and removed the dependency of GPS as the primary structural element for UltraFrame. Ultimately, we chose a proprietary thermal stud metal framing system for its structural integrity, thermal performance, strength-to-weight ratio, and cost. The thermal stud provided an additional benefit by being tested by Underwriter Laboratory (UL) as the only stud to surpass the one-hour fire rating with single layer 5/8 " gypsum wallboard. The thermal stud has also been designed to meet domestic and international building codes.


Engineering was a major factor in the design of UltraFrame. Too many alternative framing systems were focused on being "unique," resulting in proprietary testing requirements. Furthermore, engineers were leery of designing structures that were not manufactured to standard construction practices, especially in high-risk zones. 

Wally Walls took the approach with UltraFrame to remove the reliance on composite testing requirements and to focus on developing a building system that meets conventional building and engineering standards. UltraFrame has simply replaced conventional construction framing with an inorganic, highly energy-efficient building system that any engineer can design within any region of the world. An engineer only needs to design a metal stud framed building with the appropriate gauge, size, and spacing. Wally Walls will panelize UltraFrame to the exact engineering specifications. This approach further reduces construction risks by delivering a pre-fabricated, pre-engineered building system for commercial and residential applications.


Wally Walls has taken a simple solution to an on-site panelized framing approach. After ten years analyzing national and international installation instruction approaches, with concepts ranging from color designations, arrows, panel numbering, delivery approaches, and erection scenarios, Wally Walls has formulated a multilingual framing designation system. As a standard, all panels are installed from left to right, each wall is labeled alphabetically, and each wall panel is labeled in sequential order. Each panel also receives a "Top" / "Outside" marking to further support correct panel installation. The panel labeling system can be easily changed per project into any language and measurement standard to support local requirements.

Completing The Envelope

Because the walls are conventionally framed, there is no limitation on how to complete the building’s envelope.  With the full compliment of MarinoWare products, including JoistRite® Joists and Sure-Board® decking, a 7 story building’s envelope can be erected with one carpentry crew.  Or, decking and concrete can utilized over the JoistRite® Joists.  Precast concrete and other cementitious decking materials are also often utilized over the structural Wally Walls.  No limits, just endless design opportunities for your building’s envelope. 



" HP Ventures Group is very happy to be using the Wally Walls system on the Kedzie project. We value the benefits. This was our first building with Wally Walls, we liked it and would consider them for all future ground-up projects."

John M. Russo - HP Ventures Group LLC 



"Our crew had never worked with Wally Walls and yet had our home up in about half the time of a similar size home being traditionally framed nearby."

Lisa Erickson -  Homeowner


Wally Walls selected GPS and cold formed steel as the core building products for the simple fact that they are both considered highly recyclable and non-biodegradable. This means that GPS can last for hundreds to thousands of years in its solid state. The cold formed steel selected for UltraFrame has been galvanized and zinc coated for corrosion resistance, providing an average design life in the most corrosive global zones of 275 years. In temperate climates, the chosen steel can support over a 1200 year design life.


"The people at Wally Walls really embrace efficiency and for good reason.  They have a great energy efficient wall system that can be engineered, built, and shipped to site in a timely matter and at a good value.  The Wally Walls product can compete with any type of construction. "

Doug Kant -  Structural Engineer


Framing a building’s envelope represents the single largest expense of a project, dictates its speed to market, and defines its energy consumption over time. With rising costs, a shrinking labor pool, and stricter energy and fire codes, meeting the demands of cost effective, high quality framing becomes even more challenging. Unless, of course, you build with the Ultraframe® Building System from Wally Walls.

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