It's Not Easy Being Green




Framing the Future

Wally Walls wants to be your partner. We understand the total life-cycle analysis to environmental product selection, and we strive to provide education to the marketplace on ever evolving trends.

Each year over four billion trees are harvested worldwide for construction purposes, equating to each 2000 ft² residence consuming over one acre of virgin timberland. By building responsibly, one Wally Wall residence will require the use of only six recycled cars. 

Wally Walls continues to monitor and refine new building technologies to maximize long-term environmental sustainability goals that support the "greening" of the constructed world. The UltraFrame Panel is one of many lasting technologies that you can expect to come from Wally Walls.

The UltraFrame Building System is made with recycled materials and the System itself is completely recyclable.  It takes 100 trees to build a 1,500 sq. ft. home.  Our system only requires steel from two recycled cars.  Also, the UltraFrame Building System does not “off gas” as many traditional building methods do.  The GPS used in our System has always been CFC and HCFC free.



"Absolutely Amazing!  My tiny home is super quiet and energy efficient.  My utility bills are less than $40 per month. Thank you Wally!" 

Zoe - Tiny Home Buyer


Environmental protection is the core of Wally Walls' mission in designing building systems that support energy efficiency and sustainability. The focus was to develop a building system that was made of recycled products that can be recycled indefinitely. UltraFrame is prefabricated to eliminate job site waste. The System is designed with a zero-waste manufacturing approach and has been designed to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings supporting the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) green building goals.

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